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Summer Training


The major reason behind necessity of the Summer Training is for the college students so that they are well prepared for the corporate job. Summer Training exposes students to the working atmosphere in the industry and at the same time increases their self-confidence and helps in finding their own proficiency. It also cultivates students’ leadership ability and responsibility to perform or execute the given task. Summer Training also enables students to comprehend the theories studied with more features and hands on practice within a real job situation. 7Network Services, the best training company provides Summer Training  in new and latest technologies with a combination of theory as well as practical classes.

Summer Training programs conducted by 7Network Services are constructive for students in many ways.  7Network Services is IT Company with industry specialization for cultivating student skills. It is genuinely vital for students to get competent to move forward in their career.

The objective of Summer Training is to enhance knowledge of the students on any one of the cutting edge technology according to the industry standards without which the student degree is a mere degree. This is done by exposing students to real work life situations which equip them with the required skill needed for the corporate world.

Students, who are in the even semester of engineering, can unquestionably join 7Network Services for Summer Training to prepare themselves for the corporate world. They will not only exclusively get cost of their time, but also gain first hand glimpse of “How Industry operates?”

7Network Services provides Summer Training Programs for all courses, viz. M.C.A., B.C.A., M.TECH and B.TECH students as per modules of Indian academy, wherein they are made familiar with distinctive programming languages. 7Network Services training center is certified partner of MICROSOFT, ORACLE, NUVOTON, AUTODESK and PANASONIC. 7Network Services delivers special seminars, presentations just like the corporate environment for all our Industrial courses so that the students may get the confidence to step into the industry with self-assurance. 7Network Services has exclusively designed winter trainingprograms  that are structured to satisfy the needs of the students. There are lots of options available for different technologies. Hence, feel free to contact 7Network Services for personalized guide on variety of Summer Training program.

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