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Learn Methods

 Learning Methods
We offer two types of online learning methods to suit different training requirements, time schedules and budgets.
 Virtual Classroom 

This is our basic on-line providing. it's a simple way to join a live classroom session. Students will log in from their homes and just about join the class on Webex. The classroom session are streamed on-line for the virtual classroom subscribers. the trainer are at the same time teaching a physical and virtual category. when the session ends, the trainer can take queries from the virtual students and clarify any doubts.

 Online Premium
This is our premium online providing. the trainer can completely teach online Premium students during a live Webex session. Course times are optimised for college students from the Delhi, UP, Uttarakhand, Haryana and Rajasthan also the Middle East. online laboratory access is offered to observe exercises and teacher are going to be on hand to help students through the exercises. Course timings and content can even be customized as per needs. Comparability between Virtual Classroom and Online Premium: online classes

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