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7Network Services Offers Best CCSA Training in Delhi Ncr. We offer Internships in Real-Life Business Applications of our clients. Students are given Practical Training in the below mentioned syllabus. The syllabus can be customized according to individual needs.

Course Description:

Configuring Client Authentication- Configuring LDAP authentication with SmartDirectory-Backing up and restoring a Security Gateway and SmartCenter Server

Defining a Firewall What is a Firewall? Type of the Firewall (Packet Filtering - Application Layer Gateway (Proxy)- Check Point's Stateful Inspection Technology) Check Point Firewall-1 Architecture How Check Point Firewall-1 Works? Check Point Firewall-1 Components and Modules Check Point Firewall-1 Kernel Check Point Firewall-1 Daemon Security Policy Security Policy definition SmartDashboard Access control for administrators Creating the Rule Base Implicit and explicit rules Command-line options for the Security Policy FireWall-1 Setup and Installation Pre-installation Configuration System Requirement How to install license Install additional firewall module Working with the SmartDashboard Masking and disabling rules Uninstalling a Security PolicyI mproving VPN-1/FireWall-1 performance SmartDefense Active defense SmartDefense in action SmartDefense Storm Center Understanding RuleBase Order What is a RuleBase How to create RuleBase Important of the Rule Base Order Implicit and Explicit Rules FW1 Control Connections Outgoing Packets Additional Settings Implicit Drop Rule Troubleshooting the Security Policy Maximum number of rules and objects Deleting Administrator accounts Any, Any, Any, Accept Rule not accepting traffic Detecting Hacking Method - Spoofing What is Spoofing Anti-Spoofing Configuration Advanced Security Policy Masking Rules Disabling Rules Uninstalling a Security Policy Security Policy File Command Line Options for the Security Policy Log Management Log Viewer GUI Log Viewer Modes Creating and Selecting Selection Criteria Blocking Connections Block Intruder System Status GUI System Status Logon Log Viewer Modes Creating and Selecting Selection Criteria Blocking Connections Block Intruder Authentication and Authentication Parameters Understanding Authentication How User Authentication Works Type of Authentication ( User Authentication - Client Authentication - Session Authentication ) Authentication Schemes Defining a User Template Defining Users and Groups Network Address Translation (NAT) How NAT Works Type of NAT (Static NAT- Hide NAT) Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) NAT Routing Static NAT and Anti-Spoofing Troubleshooting NAT

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